Monday, November 2, 2015

Training Plan: Week 3

Well, weeks 1 and 2 are in the books...mostly.

Overall, the training went OK, I made most of my runs/workouts just fine.  Our weekend in Michigan ended up having no runs - but plenty of dancing at the wedding.  I like to think that I compensated some for the lack or running with some seriously cool dance moves.

Run down for the last two weeks: I need to continue to work on speed.  I can run all day - just not very fast.  I also want to work on core and range of motion.  Consistency over the last couple of weeks has been so-so.  Between our regularly scheduled social calendar, traveling, and this weekend's Halloween party - life's been busy.  We're headed into the holiday season, so it's even more important to prioritize and get my workouts in, and now, I'm ready to tackle week 3, a race week!

Monday 11/2 - Morning - easy dog run, Afternoon: Threshold run 3x(8mins on -1 min easy)
Tuesday 11/3 - Recovery run in the afternoon (45 mins)
Wednesday 11/4 - Cross train - Spin and weights
Thursday 11/5 - 30 min AM run, 40 min PM run
Friday 11/6 - Easy AM run, 20-30 min PM run
Saturday 11/7 - Rest
Sunday 11/8 - Crimson and Gold 10K race

I've got a race on Sunday, so as I get closer to the end of the week, I will assess how I'm feeling and decide if I need two rest days or just one. I've been taking two days off prior to each triathlon lately, but this race is going to be pretty short compared to the tris I've been doing, so maybe I won't need as much rest.  In addition to these workouts, I'll be doing yoga 2x this week and core work 3x.  For fun- here's a shot of the ladies at Halloween.  The theme was white trash.  Unless you wanted to be Indiana Jones...

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