Thursday, October 15, 2015

Training Plan: Weeks 1-2

Welcome to my first training plan entry!

I will start a week or so after my last triathlon (October 17/18 weekend).  I am using the pre-made training plans from Garmin's Connect website as my template.  However, I like mixing it up, I will be using some of the fun speed workouts I've seen on Strava and at other running sites.  I also, without fail always take the afternoon before my long run off (typically Friday afternoon) and usually the day after my long run.  Prior to any races, I've found 2 rest days serves me well.

I also want to point out, that I have basically trained my dog to demand a run every morning.  So I run EVERY morning....Sometimes less than 1 mile, often they are at a slow/easy pace (so many messages to sniff and/or 'send').  I do this because it keeps her from being destructive, and keeps her and myself happy.  So.  Just know that.  I try to keep those as my recovery runs, but in reality, they are much slower than my normal recovery run.  Ironic, since my dog is actually super fast.  The breaks we take to 'talk to her crew' are just super long.  Also, hunting, there isn't a squirrel in our area that doesn't know about the Mighty Quinn.

I've got about 16 weeks til my goal 1/2 marathon (the Katy Half).  The Garmin training plan works well with this.  The first week is really easy - which is good...I will be travelling to Michigan for October 23-26 for a wedding and its unlikely I will do much training those days.  This may be one of my downfalls (or strengths, however you want to see it) but my training takes a back burner if it gets inconvenient while travelling.  My family time is pretty important, but I do love a run around my parent's house.

Sunday 10/18 - Easy longish run - 5-6 miles
Monday 10/19 - AM - 30 mins easy, PM Threshold run - 10 min wu, 4x(5mins hard 1 min easy), 10-15 mins c/d
Tuesday 10/20 - PM 45 mins easy run
Wednesday 10/21 - AM - 30 mins easy pace, PM 40 mins easy
Thursday 10/22 - Cross train - Lift and Swim or Spin
Friday 10/23 - Travel to Michigan - probably not run
Saturday 10/24 - Wedding Day! Dance the night away
Sunday 10/25 - Recovery day from the party
Monday 10/26 - Easy run around my parent's house
Tuesday 10/27 -  PM recovery 45 mins
Wednesday  10/28 - AM - 30 mins easy, PM - 40 min Fartlek Run (haha)
Thursday 10/29 - Cross train - Lift and Swim or Spin
Friday 10/30 - Hills - 40 mins - probably do 6x hill repeats at a hill pretty close to my house.
Saturday 10/31 - AM long run - 1.5hrs on the trails - Halloween Party!!
Sunday 11/1 - Recovery from the Halloween Party...

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