Monday, March 13, 2017

Stroller Running...Baby + dog = Fun?!?

I'm an outdoor gear addict.  It's true, I love buying new gear for hiking, camping, running, climbing, the name it.  So, when I got pregnant, you bet I was researching jogging strollers.  I knew about the BOB brand, but I didn't know there were so many others to look at!  They range in price from super super expensive...  just like all other baby things..

I knew I liked the BOB strollers, and after trying out a few different models of joggers at babies R us, I settled on the BOB Revolution Pro.  They revamped it for 2016, so I was able to find the older model on sale in a lot of places, including the rest of the travel system so I could have a matchy car seat.  

Things I liked about the BOB vs other baby strollers:
  • Maneuverability - the stroller is lighter than Graco and the front wheel has an option to pivot or be fixed, allowing it to work well in tight places
  • Adjust-ability - the handlebar adjusts in height for more flexibility
  • All Terrain - this works for road and trail
  • Price - this seemed like a middle of the road option....there are strollers that cost much less, and there are strollers that cost way more.  
    Here she is! Right after we assembled.  I think it's gorgeous.
Fast forward to finally having a baby, and getting the clearance for exercise.  I take Quinn (dog) out on every run ever.  Unless I'm in a race that explicitly says no dogs, or doing a track workout, Quinn runs with me.  So, to run with Quinn and Hank (baby) I needed to come up with a system to get us all running somewhat comfortably and safely.  This is where a hands-free leash is awesome.  I've been using one with just Quinn for a while, my favorite one is Ruffwear's Slackline leash
I've tried leashes that have the bungee - I prefer the control of a non-bungee leash.  This one adjusts to the perfect length for Quinn and I.  I also use a pinch collar on Quinn as a constant reminder that she's not free to go chase squirrels.  
Hank and Quinn lovin' the stroll.  This shows the slackline leash and Quinn's pinch collar.
Running with a stroller is more difficult than just I expected.  But, I love it way more than I expected too.  I really like that I can get a good workout in, whenever I want - i.e. I don't have to wait for my husband to get home to do it.  Also, if he's busy cooking or working or whatever, I can still run and keep the baby entertained.  I also like the time I get to spend with my little dude and that he's getting some good outside time.  Like any other aspect of running, it's all in my attitude.  I know its gonna be harder, so I view my stroller runs as a good strength workout, and not speed.  

I started little man in the infant car seat, attached to the stoller when he was about 4 mo old.  He seemed comfy in there during our runs, and it was sometimes the only way to get him to nap, so we went for like 2-4mi runs.  Now that he's about 7.5 months, I've started him in the main stroller, without the carseat.  It's a game changer...he's heavy in that carseat.  I make sure to load him up with a bottle and a couple toys to keep him occupied, and so far, so good.  He likes to watch the scenery and his doggie.  
Hank all loaded up.  We bought a separate carseat minky cover to stay cozy.
Quinn has adjusted well to stroller running.  She stays out of the way of the wheels and knows to stay to my right.  Our only issue has been when she stops to potty...sometimes I don't see any signs that she's about to stop, and it's pretty abrupt.  She also has a protective streak I've never seen before.  She has always been non-reactive to other dogs.  When we run with the stroller, if any other dog approaches it, that is enough to provoke her.  This was a surprise, as she hasn't seemed like she's warmed up to Hank at all.  So we need to work on that. 

Overall, I really like running with the stroller and Quinn.  If you have a dog and a baby and love running...I recommend getting set up with a hands-free leash and going for it.