Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Half Marathon Training - Week 6

Woo...late on this one...Had a busy weekend.

Last week went pretty good.  The speed work days felt good.  My splits were a little slower than I had expected, but all in all it was a good week.  I also hit the weight room once this week.  I've backed off on my squats a little in weight so I can deepen the squat.  I feel like it is a better work out, and I have noticed that my entire backside gets tight after lifting, so hopefully this will encourage better movement while I work out.

This week will be a little short and unstructured.  With the holidays coming up, we will be busy with family stuff from Wednesday on.

Monday: WU 10 mins, 1 mile at half marathon pace, 5x(3 mins on, 1:30 off), Cool down
Tuesday: 45 minutes at recovery pace
Wednesday: AM 20 minute run, no PM workout
Thursday: All day tailgating!  Go Pack!
Friday: Thanksgiving recognized! 30-40 minute AM run if possible depending on how the tailgating went...
Saturday: Easy run 30-40 mins
Sunday: Kenyan progression style 4-5 miler
Monday: Cross training (cross fitting actually)
Tuesday: Day off...travel home.

That's it - I hope y'all have a good Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Happy Monday!

I promise to post something other than my training schedule at the end of this week...I swear!

This last week went pretty well- I made the majority of my work outs -  except for Thursday morning.  Wednesday night involved 2 bottles of wine, and Thursday morning was not fast moving...Saturday's long run was great though! I ended up running a little over 10 miles, with over half of it on trails along Buffalo Bayou.  Here's a picture from half way with the hound dog.

Thursday was a nice night out for the Hubs 30th.  Wine bar and French restaurant on the north side of Houston.  Here's a picture of the celebrations.  I know, we're the cutest.

Okay, now on with the training plan.  This week I am working to incorporate more speed work.

Monday - Speed day - 10 min w/u, 1 mi half marathon speed, then 5x (2mins on, 1 min off) Cool down
Tuesday - AM - 30 mins easy, PM - 45 mins easy
Wednesday - Lift/cycle
Thursday  - AM - 20 mins easy, PM - 5 mi Kenyan Progression  (check out http://blog.strava.com/wow-the-kenyanprogression-9453/ , I get a lot of my workout ideas from Strava)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Long run: 1:45
Sunday - Easy 20 min run, stretching, and core 

Have a good week!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Ah! 10K finished and onward with the plan.

Overall, the Crimson and Gold 10K was exactly what I needed it to be -  an indicator of where I was at to help me plan where I need to be going with this plan.  I ran a 46:28 10K...wait a second! it ended up only being a litlte over 6 miles on my watch.  I was disappointed because it would have been a PR if I had just continued to run to get the 0.2 miles I needed.  But! couldn't be sad for long, I got second lady overall which was really fun and some tickets for free Jimmy John's subs.  SCORE!

What did I learn?
1. I'm still not as fast as I need to be.  I ran that race with an average 7:40 pace.  I need to hit a bit faster than that pace on a 1/2 marathon if I want to reach my sub 1:40 goal.  I need to take my speed work more seriously, and not skip those days.

2. My mental game needs work.  How do I know this?  I was passed by a woman at mile 4, and I was "dying" but still managed to pull it together for the last 2 miles no problem.  I can run faster.  I can do hard things...and I could have definitely stayed up with that woman, but I let her passing me get into my brainspace and then, I slowed down.  I think speed work and long runs will make a difference here.  Adding some fast splits near the end of a long run should help me build my mental game some.
3. My training and healthy eating regimen are working.  I didn't cramp up and die (typical when I try to run fast).  Cutting back on cheesy/bready things and cutting back (a little) on the booze during the week has made a difference...So, keep it up, I suppose...

This week:

Monday - 11/9 - Recovery Run - 45 minutes 8:45-ish pace
Tuesday - 11/10 - 1 hour run - 8:15-8:30 pace
Wednesday - 11/11 - Gym/spin
Thursday - 11/12 - Morning Run  - 40-45 minutes - evening will be out for the Hubs 30th!
Friday - 11/13 - Rest day
Saturday - 11/14 - Long run - shooting for 1:30
Sunday - 11/15 - Rest

Have a good week!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Training Plan: Week 3

Well, weeks 1 and 2 are in the books...mostly.

Overall, the training went OK, I made most of my runs/workouts just fine.  Our weekend in Michigan ended up having no runs - but plenty of dancing at the wedding.  I like to think that I compensated some for the lack or running with some seriously cool dance moves.

Run down for the last two weeks: I need to continue to work on speed.  I can run all day - just not very fast.  I also want to work on core and range of motion.  Consistency over the last couple of weeks has been so-so.  Between our regularly scheduled social calendar, traveling, and this weekend's Halloween party - life's been busy.  We're headed into the holiday season, so it's even more important to prioritize and get my workouts in, and now, I'm ready to tackle week 3, a race week!

Monday 11/2 - Morning - easy dog run, Afternoon: Threshold run 3x(8mins on -1 min easy)
Tuesday 11/3 - Recovery run in the afternoon (45 mins)
Wednesday 11/4 - Cross train - Spin and weights
Thursday 11/5 - 30 min AM run, 40 min PM run
Friday 11/6 - Easy AM run, 20-30 min PM run
Saturday 11/7 - Rest
Sunday 11/8 - Crimson and Gold 10K race

I've got a race on Sunday, so as I get closer to the end of the week, I will assess how I'm feeling and decide if I need two rest days or just one. I've been taking two days off prior to each triathlon lately, but this race is going to be pretty short compared to the tris I've been doing, so maybe I won't need as much rest.  In addition to these workouts, I'll be doing yoga 2x this week and core work 3x.  For fun- here's a shot of the ladies at Halloween.  The theme was white trash.  Unless you wanted to be Indiana Jones...