Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Half Marathon Training - Week 6

Woo...late on this one...Had a busy weekend.

Last week went pretty good.  The speed work days felt good.  My splits were a little slower than I had expected, but all in all it was a good week.  I also hit the weight room once this week.  I've backed off on my squats a little in weight so I can deepen the squat.  I feel like it is a better work out, and I have noticed that my entire backside gets tight after lifting, so hopefully this will encourage better movement while I work out.

This week will be a little short and unstructured.  With the holidays coming up, we will be busy with family stuff from Wednesday on.

Monday: WU 10 mins, 1 mile at half marathon pace, 5x(3 mins on, 1:30 off), Cool down
Tuesday: 45 minutes at recovery pace
Wednesday: AM 20 minute run, no PM workout
Thursday: All day tailgating!  Go Pack!
Friday: Thanksgiving recognized! 30-40 minute AM run if possible depending on how the tailgating went...
Saturday: Easy run 30-40 mins
Sunday: Kenyan progression style 4-5 miler
Monday: Cross training (cross fitting actually)
Tuesday: Day off...travel home.

That's it - I hope y'all have a good Thanksgiving!

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