Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm Back!

After a several month hiatus....I'm back...
As it turns out, this space will temporarily be re-purposed to discuss things other than wine.  There will also be fewer race reviews...As it turns out, we're having a baby!

Baby is a little man, and he's due in early August.  Fun news - my sister in law just had a baby this year, and my little sister is due about a week before me!! This year will have triplet cousins!  

Since November - I've continued running, and worked in a bit more yoga.  My race in February, the Katy Half, actually went really well, I managed to run a 1:48 - which is only 4 mins slower than my PR.  The race itself was fantastic, just as it was last year, but after that race I decided I don't want to race again til after baby.  I'm super competitive, and had a very hard time slowing down my pace.  The doctor said keep running, just don't overheat...or push it.  So here I am.  

In the meantime, I am enjoying my more relaxed daily runs.  Without any training schedule or real agenda, it's been nice to just get out and run.  I've also picked up yoga, and really enjoy it.  My weeks look something like this:
Monday - 5 miles easy + stretching and core
Tuesday - 3-5 miles easy + stretching
Wednesday - yoga
Thursday - 3-5 miles easy + stretching and core
Friday - rest
Saturday/Sunday: total 7-10 miles, typically split between the two days.  I find that I feel bad for about 2 days if I try to run 10 in one day. 

Overall though, I have had very few of the nasty pregnancy symptoms that everyone told me were inevitable.  I had some very minor nausea in the beginning that would go away if I went for a run.  I was pretty fatigued though.  I needed naps on a near daily basis. 

I'll do a 'by trimester' update soon on training volume and overall pregnancy/running information that I have gathered.    

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