Monday, November 9, 2015

Half Marathon Training: Week 4

Ah! 10K finished and onward with the plan.

Overall, the Crimson and Gold 10K was exactly what I needed it to be -  an indicator of where I was at to help me plan where I need to be going with this plan.  I ran a 46:28 10K...wait a second! it ended up only being a litlte over 6 miles on my watch.  I was disappointed because it would have been a PR if I had just continued to run to get the 0.2 miles I needed.  But! couldn't be sad for long, I got second lady overall which was really fun and some tickets for free Jimmy John's subs.  SCORE!

What did I learn?
1. I'm still not as fast as I need to be.  I ran that race with an average 7:40 pace.  I need to hit a bit faster than that pace on a 1/2 marathon if I want to reach my sub 1:40 goal.  I need to take my speed work more seriously, and not skip those days.

2. My mental game needs work.  How do I know this?  I was passed by a woman at mile 4, and I was "dying" but still managed to pull it together for the last 2 miles no problem.  I can run faster.  I can do hard things...and I could have definitely stayed up with that woman, but I let her passing me get into my brainspace and then, I slowed down.  I think speed work and long runs will make a difference here.  Adding some fast splits near the end of a long run should help me build my mental game some.
3. My training and healthy eating regimen are working.  I didn't cramp up and die (typical when I try to run fast).  Cutting back on cheesy/bready things and cutting back (a little) on the booze during the week has made a difference...So, keep it up, I suppose...

This week:

Monday - 11/9 - Recovery Run - 45 minutes 8:45-ish pace
Tuesday - 11/10 - 1 hour run - 8:15-8:30 pace
Wednesday - 11/11 - Gym/spin
Thursday - 11/12 - Morning Run  - 40-45 minutes - evening will be out for the Hubs 30th!
Friday - 11/13 - Rest day
Saturday - 11/14 - Long run - shooting for 1:30
Sunday - 11/15 - Rest

Have a good week!


  1. This is motivating for me. I do not have the speed you have, partly because I have not set any goals related to speed in a long time. My goals are just to get the miles in each day, even if I do them slowly.

    1. I'm glad its motivating! For a long time I was a 'just get the miles in' type gal, but then I got a wild hair to PR in a half marathon last year and started to really appreciate different types of workouts, and speed training. Now I'm hooked.