Thursday, October 8, 2015

Training: Katy Half Marathon

Race: Katy Half Marathon - February 6th 2016
Goal time: Sub 1:40 - Previous PR: 1:44

I ran the Katy half last year, and loved it.  I can sleep in my own bed, and since I live so close to the race, I can sleep in a bit more than if the race were downtown Houston.  I managed to make my goal last year of sub 1:45 (down from 1:52), but this year, I reeeallly want to break 1:40.  See below for a picture of me at last years race - struggling, while the runner next to me seems to be having fun.  One of my other goals will be to find the cameras and smile for the pictures.  I am actually having a good time.

Areas I need to improve:

Speed - It's finally cooling down some, so I can no longer blame my pace on the heat, and I plan on focusing on speed work 2x/week.  That is when I will do intervals, track work, etc.  I will also make sure that on my long runs I am not just slogging through it (like I tend to do).  I will focus on keeping my pace up and my form solid.

Diet - Generally, I eat pretty healthy...but I also eat out several times a week (lots of tex-mex and pizza).  Both of those things wreck havoc on my guts.  I'm lactose intolerant and anytime I eat cheese and bread I end up with a bloaty gut and crazy cramps when I try to run for the next few days.  We also eat out for lunch just about every day.  So in light of trying to eat healthier (and maybe save some money), I will work on packing lunches during the week.  Also, I know when I eat properly, I can run faster/harder.

Consistency - I am also super good at starting something, and then stopping after some period of time.  It might last 2 weeks...heck, 2 months even, but I have difficulty with anything long term.  So my plan each week is to set up a training plan, and ensure I have enough groceries for lunches for the week.  This past week I managed to do the lunch thing - grilled some chicken and bought veggies and greens for salads.  This worked only OK.  Two lunches were eaten in the office, three lunches were eaten out, and those prepared lunches got pushed to dinners.  The week before, all 5 lunches were out.  Peer pressure at work is real.

In addition to these three things, I'm planning on following an actual training plan.  I haven't figured out all the details yet, but I will have some 5K/10K races thrown in for good measure.  As part of my "consistency" in training - I'll post my training here once a week.  That will help keep me accountable.  Even if only the fella reads this, he's usually the pushiest about most supportive of my training anyway.  Seriously though, it's nice to have someone checking in on me.

Wish me luck!

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