Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thirsty Thursday: Cameron Hughes Lot 500 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

My first wine review!  I have no idea how to review wine...Minerally, full bodied, blah, blah....I don't have any idea how to use those words...But I sure as hell am going to try, so bear with.

The website says "full, bold" "Blackberry, currant, plum".

I feel like all of those apply.

I would call it one of my favorite "big sexy reds".

Like, when you drink it, it fills your mouth with that delightful full, big red feeling and flavor, and as you drink it, you actually get sexier with every sip.  Maybe that's just me.  In my head... :)

So, it was our latest "date night" wine.  Good choice I think.

It runs about $20-$22 at our local grocery store, on the higher end for a weeknight wine, so we saved it for Friday.  We paired it with a filet mignon, sautéed green beans and mushrooms.  Dessert - the darkest of chocolates.  Being the big, sexy red that it is - it paired perfectly.

Like I said earlier, the flavor is really big, and full...very in your face-but delicious.  The flavor reminds me just a tiny bit of dried fruit, but deeper than your typical raisin.  Every sip leaves you wanting more.  I make a point to sip it slow, because it is so good, I also don't want to run out.  Also it's not sweet.  Dry-ish.  I will steal one thing from the website: they call it a "classy juice".  The most classy.

One thing to note, we decant it prior to drinking it.  It comes out of the bottle a little....strong... Decanting it for 20-30 minutes really helps it.  And makes the whole thing that much fancier.

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