Monday, September 28, 2015

Gear Review: Oiselle Long Flyte Shorts

Having been a runner for ~10 years, I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear.  First to avoid chafe, second - to look good.  I've tried on all sorts of clothing, and I've found that Oiselle makes some super comfy stuff that also happens to be total gorgeousness.

*Full disclosure, I'm on the Oiselle Volée, a running club/team for all the ladies (and dudes) who love Oiselle and gives you running connections all over the U.S.  No, I don't get free stuff/paid for this.  Yeah I am kinda biased.

Oiselle is a women's specific running clothes company.  I like them for a couple of reasons.  

1. They do what they can to support and promote women in sport.  Two of their major elites - Kara Goucher and Lauren Fleshman are some of the most bad ass ladies in running - true sisterheroes.

2. Oiselle makes a quality product.  Comfort, durability, no special washing instructions.   

The shorts they make run from stretchy tight fitting, to loose.  They seem to have something for everyone.  The Long Flyte shorts have so far been my favorite for long or short runs.  They cover enough thigh that none of it rubs me wrong.  Also, with no seams, long, sweaty runs don't end in brutal chafe spots.  The waist is much higher than I am used to, but that turns out to be one of it's best attributes.  Try running with one of those hydration belts and not chafing.  You need the higher waist.  I've run a very sweaty half marathon in these and never experienced any riding up or uncomfortable chafe in these.  They get two thumbs up.
I realized also, in my previous entry, I am wearing these shorts.  So take a look at those pictures too for more Flyte love.  This is with my lovely Oiselle Singlet.  Beauty.
These shorts seem to run a tad on the big side if anything, but I'm super comfortable in the pair I have (usually a medium/size 6 gal).  Also, my legs look normal in these shorts, not too tight/cut offy and not too loose. ***side note: Oiselle is bringing in all kinds of seamless styles and I'm betting the bolt tights or juno tights are going to be just as wonderful as these shorts.***

I'm hoping to do more gear reviews in the future.  If anyone is actually reading this, please leave some comments of gear you'd like to know more about!

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