Friday, September 25, 2015

Hi all,

Well, since this is my first post, I will start with some introductions.

That's me.
I've recently entered my thirties, I'm married to a pretty great guy, and I am maybe a wee bit obsessed with my GSP (that's german shorthaired pointer for those not in the know).  Oh, and we live in the Houston, TX area.

Here's one of me with that "great guy" Aka Chris.  Head cheerleader for all of my races.  He is the guy in the cheesehead and Packers apparel on any given race course.  Obviously so I don't miss him.  Go Pack.

I love running, triathlon, and wine drinking...especially the red kind.

This blog will mostly be rambling about my athletic pursuits and some tips on what works for me, what doesn't work, race reviews, and reviews on gear/apparel.  I'll also throw in some family/friends posts and definitely let you all in on any and all of the most delicious (and cheap) bottles of wine.

My History:

I have always been relatively active - youth soccer and softball, high school soccer and swimming, and since then, I've taken up running.  Because in college, running is cheap.  Since I felt pretty accomplished in swimming and running, and had been biking for the better part of 28 years, I decided to do my first triathlon.  It was a small tri in a small town, and I won.  So, I was hooked.  That led me to my first Ironman race in 2014.  I loved it, in a totally hate kind of way.   Since then I've been doing smaller triathlons, and several half marathons.

13.1 - 1:44 @ Katy Half Marathon
140.6 - 13:33 @ Memorial Hermann Ironman in Texas
26.2: 4:09 @the Houston Marathon

My goals for this year (late 2015/ early 2016)
13.1 - Sub 1:40
5K: Sub 21
Local tris - No time goals, I just want to hit the podium.

Now for wine: Currently digging Cab Sauv from the Alexander Valley, but when it's hot - French Rosé is my go-to.

Follow me, hopefully you can glean some useful information from this site, and maybe laugh.

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